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Vogue 7519 by Halston

Updated: Jun 3, 2019

Vogue 7519 Vintage pattern by Halston
Vogue 7519 Vintage pattern by Halston

I love a hat – and I adore a turban. I have a couple of cheapies that I got from Peckham Rye Lane Pound shops which I wear occasionally (a nice bottle green velour one was my hat of choice this winter). But I have wanted something a bit more refined so decided to try make one – how hard could it be…!

I chose a pattern from Etsy which had caught my eye – a pdf download of Vogue 7519 – by Halston , from 1969. As soon as I printed it I knew I was in trouble! – Boy is it complicated. It is also made as a draped hat using wovens on a “foundation”. It’s not really explained what this foundation is – my guess now is a medium weight structure fabric . However, that observation is in hindsight – I decided to use a cheap velour – which has been a nightmare to sew with.

But more of that later.

Making the foundation

This was the only easy bit. The crown and side basically make a beanie hat. This should then be the base that everything else sits on .

The foundation - inside out!

The turban bits

Now this is where everything went wrong. The velour was cheap - very cheap. And that is why I am still cleaning silver fluff off every surface in the house.

It was also horrible to sew with. It clogged my sewing machine every time I tried to do anything.

Then come the actual turban is made from two long strips which are ruched and hemmed and gathered - and everything you cannot do with this fabric.

I spent hours trying to make the fabric do what was needed and after hours (over many days) of frustration. I gave up!

Life is too short.

This is what I have ended up with and I have no desire to go back!

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