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Simple sew #015 Cross-over back blouse

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

My building work continues and so another past make comes out into the limelight.

I'll be honest I can't even remember when I made this but it was quite some time ago.

I think I got the pattern free with a magazine - actually looking a the photo I can see that is the case as it says exclusive to love Sewing.

It's a nice enough top from the front but, of course, all the drama is at the back. I think it works well in, yes, yet another Ankara wax fabric.

I really need to cut my threads off though - you can see them in the photo. I have worn this loads of times and nobody has mentioned them!

If I was to make it again, one thing I'd do is redraft the arms. I find it quite tight around my arm. I seem to get that on a lot of patterns - do I really have abnormally big upper arms?!

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