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Seamwork Veronica with Bonus Kangaroo Pocket

I think my face says it all - I love this dress. I have been stopped in the street twice while wearing this asking where I got it - not a common occurrence.

Again, I am plundering my own past - it's so nice to finally have time to actually post the things I have made over the last few years. This is a make from about 2 years ago and the photos are from the summer just gone.

I've been a subscriber of Seamwork since it began and I have about a million unused credits - but I enjoy the articles and they do have a good hit rate as far as I am concerned. Not everything appeals but I have a towering pile of printouts which I will get around to soon...

This is another African Wax fabric from Roya Textiles in Peckham. It's such a great print - it seems to exude summer and you can't help but smile when you see it. I have also made a skirt for myself with it (another Seamworks pattern now I come to think of it - a Brooklyn which I will post soon too).

I used the Bonus variation that adds the kangaroo pocket and that is a real winner. I'd add them to every dress i make if I could. The variation means the skirt is split to add the front panel which a pouch is then added to. The variation did the same to the bodice - I guess to allow the seam to continue, but seeing as the seam is split by the waist band anyway I didn't bother splitting the bodice.

There's not really anything I don't like about it - I love the wide dolmain sleeves, the comfortable elastic waist, and again that pocket!

Even though it's obviously a summer dress - I've been getting a lot of wear in the colder months too. I've been wearing it with a blue polo neck and blue tights - yes, it's not a dress for the shy, retiring type!

I was pretty pleased with my pattern matching / placement too - it isn't a border print but had the majority of the big yellow swirls through the centre of the fabric (like most African waxes it was only 45 inch wide fabric).

Mind you, looking at the photos now - I've never noticed those circles directly over my buttocks before! Time for a close up...

And just look at that zip - I didn't have an invisible one so went for high contrast!

Still, I don't care about the circles or the zip, this dress makes me happy and what more can you want from sewing.

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