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An ABBA-dabba-doozie

I am lucky enough to live in London and so have access to many, many wonderful things. But ABBA voyage really is quite amazing. If you don't know what it is, it's a holographic show made by the real ABBA and performed by their recorded avatars.

You really do believe they are performing in front of you - only it's the ABBA from the 1970s and not today! We went for my birthday with a few friends and had a great time.

But such a special evening really needs a special outfit and I was determined to make something in keeping with the spirit of ABBA.

I'm a member of Gertie Hirsch's patreon feed and when she released the Society dress I just knew I wanted to make the hood part but perhaps not as a dressed. I really wanted a jumpsuit. Not the most practical piece of clothing that exists but I love them. So I decided to use the bodice from the Society Dress but with the trousers of the Jasmin Jumpsuit (also from Gertie's patreon feed).

In my head it was going to be DISCO personified but in all honesty it was a bit of a nightmare to make. Completely my own fault - I really had not thought through how a jumpsuit with such a fitted bodice would work in the real world. That is - how on earth would I be able to put it on or go to the loo!

Great for bending down to stroke cats

It took a couple of false turns trying to make it work. I tried a zip under the crotch, velcro across the trouser - like stripper trousers! - but it was terrible. In the end I had to butcher the bodice by cutting up the back and adding a zip - in a very ugly fashion as I had hours to spare before we were going out!

I also made some earrings for the night using the lasercutter at the South London MakerSpace where I'm a member.

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